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11 August 2015

Competenz CEO John Blakey is currently meeting with forestry owners, contractors and other key forestry stakeholders to listen to their views and make sure they are being well serviced by Competenz.

We’ve had positive feedback on the support we provide to the industry. And we’re continuing to work with the industry to find ways we can improve the delivery of our services.

“We have a wide range of partnerships with different organisations to provide both basic and specialist training,” John says.

Earlier this month, John met with businesses and organisations such as City Forests Limited, Ernslaw One, Hancock Forest Management and Forest Industry Contractors Association throughout the South Island and the central North Island.

“They spoke highly of the approach we’re taking in terms of trying to increase the number of trainer assessors available,” he says. “Together we’re trying to put together a better training system. They also value the work we’re doing in redeveloping our training materials so they are better suited to the forestry workers.”

Forestry owners raised their concerns on whether the training system the Government funds is the best system for forestry.

“[The forestry sector is] pragmatic about the process,” John says. “They came from the point of view that the Government is unlikely to change this system quickly so they need to make this system work for them now. They understand that the Government funds are based on completed qualifications whereas industry tends to think of success being completions in unit standards for the task required.”

Forest owners and forestry associations are happy to work with Competenz to see if it is possible to get a more flexible system that matches the way the forestry industry does its business within the current parameters of funding.

They are also keen for Competenz to continue to work with the Forest Industry Safety Council on creating the best health and safety strategies around training in the forestry sector.

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