Getting ready for the new health and safety law


16 October 2015

New Zealand’s new health and safety law, which comes in force on 4 April 2016, makes everyone involved in a workplace responsible for keeping others safe, sets clear standards of care, defines the activities businesses need to carry out to meet these standards, and increases penalties for failing to comply. 

“New Zealand has a really poor record of workplace health and safety and these changes help tackle that record head-on,” says Competenz Health and Safety Manager Marie Fleming.

“If you’re a company who’s already actively identifying and managing your risks and involving your team, you may not need to do anything new. If you’re not, you’ve got time before the new legislation comes in to get your workplace in order – and our Competenz team can help you.”

How Competenz can help your business get ready

  • From early 2016 we will be repeating our successful OSH courses in locations around the country. We’re currently putting our schedule together. 
  • Please contact us for more information: or 0800 526 1800.

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