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09 February 2015

Competenz has started delivering the new crew manager course for Forestry in Gisborne. The course is supported by Ernslaw One and they have enrolled a number of crew managers and contractors.

The course runs for 12 months and results in a New Zealand Certificate in Forestry Crew Management, Level 5. At this stage we are working with a single delivery partner to ensure the content is hitting the right mark and the learning is of value to the crew managers and contractors.

The course covers:

  • Leadership and team building
  • Knowledge of health & safety and environmental requirements
  • Safe behavioural observations
  • Crew costing and production monitoring and management
  • Operational management – planning, day to day management, process improvement

While the leadership aspects have been new to many of the current course participants, they are now moving into subjects that they will be more familiar with and will help in improving the way they plan and manage the operations they are responsible for.

Delivery is made up of six, one-day learning blocks, spread over nine months, with plenty of time in-between to practice the learnings back in the workplace.
An improvement project is a large part of the course and all participants have identified an issue in their operation that they will work on. This includes collection of data, determining root cause, making changes to resolve the issue and monitoring the results. The skills and knowledge required to work through the project are all learnt on the course. Some of the projects for this group include; machine downtime, delays in the extraction cycle, bottlenecks on the landing, and truck loading times.  
We intend to start crew manager courses in other regions over the next few months. If you are interested or need further information please contact Mark Preece or your Competenz Account Manager. We will be running an introductory session to explain the course in more detail and to answer any questions in each region before we start.

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