The New Zealand Certificates in Manufacturing are now available


29 August 2016

Manufacturing businesses across the country will now be able to effectively handle operational issues and coordinate manufacturing operations through the New Zealand Certificates in Manufacturing qualifications launched this month.

The new manufacturing suite of qualifications has been designed to provide employees with the knowledge and skills to work safely and effectively in any manufacturing environment.

The qualifications were developed in partnership with the manufacturing industry and the industry training organisation Competenz. Members of the manufacturing industry played a leading role in ensuring the new qualifications are fit-for-purpose for all New Zealand businesses.

“The qualifications were developed through industry consultation to meet the needs of the employer and their employees,” says Mathew Vandy, Competenz Industry Manager for the manufacturing sector.

“The National Certificates in Manufacturing qualifications are no longer related to the requirements of the industry. These new qualifications have a suite of options that are very relevant to manufacturing businesses.”

Training in the new qualifications allows for a more efficient and streamlined process.

“Through the consultation process, we were able to narrow down the scope of the qualifications so it was more focussed, and people would have a better understanding of it,” says Rick Smith, Operations Manager for Patience & Nicholson (NZ) Ltd and member of the industry governance group working with Competenz to design the new qualifications.

“There’s an increased focus on health and safety which is crucial for the industry. The new qualifications are more about performance and on-the-job tasks.”

Strong industry representation has helped the Competenz team to appreciate the technical skills required.

“It gives learners and employers the flexibility to choose graduate outcomes that are relevant to their business,” says Vandy.

The learning materials for the new qualifications are currently being adapted for online and will be available in early 2017.


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