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Is Competenz funded to produce learning resources?

Under the Industry Training Act, industry training organisations (ITOs) are responsible for setting standards, writing qualifications and supporting learners to achieve through training plans, visits, assessment and moderation. Resource development is not something ITOs are required to do and we don’t receive funding for it.

Has Competenz charged for resources previously?

  • For many years Competenz has not had a consistent approach to charging for learning resources.  
  • In some industries learning resources have incurred a charge (for example mechanical engineering) and others have not.
  • Historically, some industries have not required resources.

Why is Competenz charging for resources now?

  • At the conclusion of the Targeted Review of Qualifications (TRoQ) and as new programmes are released, Competenz is investing a considerable amount of money into resource development.  
  • The resources developed are high quality printed and online resources.
  • We expect this investment to increase over the coming years as learning resources are updated more frequently and in keeping with the pace of change.
  • For sustainability, and due to the level of investment, Competenz will charge for new resources as new programmes are released. We intend to recover costs and ensure we have funds to continue to develop high quality learning resources that support our learners and meet the needs of industry.

How are the prices calculated?

Resource pricing is calculated on cost recovery basis, using a model where income generated meets the projected cost of this activity into the future. As a charitable trust and not-for-profit organisation, we do not seek a commercial margin from this activity.  

What programmes will incur resource charges?

  • As new programmes with new learning resources are developed, there will be charges for learning resources. The charges are only applied to learning resources that have learning content.
  • Industry will be advised of any charges.
  • We do not intend to charge employers for Assessment Guides and Model Answers.
  • Where there is a commercial arrangement, providers will be charged for Assessment Guides and Model Answers.

Will I be charged for my learning resources?

  • If your programme is a new programme supported by learning resources, then you will be charged (for example workbooks or online learning via Canvas).
  • Resources are typically charged to the employer. It is beyond Competenz’s control if the employer decides to pass this cost on to the learner.

When will I be charged for learning resources?

Resources will be charged when learners sign into a training agreement and as they move from one year to the next in their training plan.

Are resources covered by the government’s fees-free policy?

Yes, if a learner is fees free eligible and enrolling in a fees-free eligible qualification. Please see for more information.

Will the resource pricing stay the same throughout the duration of a qualification?

  • In the past, learning resources have been reviewed at the same time a qualification was reviewed. In some instances this could be every five years.
  • With the pace of change in industry as well the move to more online and interactive learning, our industries expect learning resources to be updated more frequently than the traditional qualification review cycle.
  • Competenz reserves the right to review and amend pricing as necessary.

Are resources compulsory?

Yes, for learners enrolling in Competenz qualifications where learning resource pricing has been set.

What if I have lost my resources?

If Competenz provides a second set of learning resources as replacement for lost resources, additional charges will apply. Speak to your training advisor or account manager.

What if I move from one employer to another employer – do I get to take the learning resources with me?

  • You may have obligations to your current employer under the terms of your individual employment agreement, in which case you must adhere to these.
  • If this is not the case, Competenz considers the learning resources to belong to the learner.
  • Please speak to your training advisor or account manager if you have any issues or queries.

What if I don’t need all the resources as I have acknowledged prior learning?

  • It is Competenz’s policy to provide the complete set of resources for each year of the qualification that the learner is enrolled in, regardless of whether prior learning has been achieved.
  • Prior learning means you do not have to repeat unit standards already awarded or recognised. However, the learning resources for the qualification you are enrolled in comprises up-to-date, relevant content that builds a knowledge base.

What if I complete my qualification faster than the duration?

The learning resources will cost the same regardless of how quickly you complete your qualification.

What if I leave my qualification – is there any refund for my resources?

No. There is no refund for your resources should you decide to leave your qualification.

What if my apprentice leaves – is there any refund for a) the service fee or b) resources?

  • A partial refund of service fee may be possible if a learner withdraws or completes a qualification part-way through the year, where there is more than three months remaining. Please speak to your training advisor or account manager.
  • Competenz does not provide a refund for learning resources.

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